Up & Down The Ladder

This is one of my favorite ways to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time – which can be a huge game changer in a pinch. For this workout you can either go up the proverbial ladder, down the ladder or if you are a true savage, up and down the ladder. 

Here’s how it goes:

  • 2-20 by 2’s or
  • 20-2 by 2’s or
  • 1-10 & 10-1

Goblet Squats (you can also do a single arm racked squat and alternate/split the reps up per side)

Push Ups

Row Variation

Cardio for 10 calories or 50 m sprint

*Note: The ladder is only performed for the first 3 exercises. The cardio portion is done on “each step” of the ladder for a total of 100 calories or 500 m worth of sprints.*

Don’t be an eagle trapped in a chicken coop,


Kyle is currently a police officer and has served for the past 10 years at a police department in Upstate, NY. In that capacity, he serves as the department’s physical fitness instructor, where he conducts in-service training and teaches at the Police Academy. Kyle is also one of the two explosive detection K9 Handlers for the department.

As the Online Director of Training and Performance for Train to Hunt, Kyle draws from his previous experience as a gym owner to consult with clients to prepare them physically and mentally for the most rigorous of big game hunts.

Most importantly Kyle is a husband and a father of one (a 10-month-old boy). The family is very important to him and he makes it a priority to find work/life balance.