Don’t make things harder than they already are!

What I wanted to talk to you about was keeping things simple. Really, in all facet’s of life, but particularly when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

Unless you are a professional athlete who needs sport specific preparation, you should train to be in the best overall shape that you, personally, can be in. Focus on developing habits that will become a lifestyle and you won’t have to think about how you are going to continue to make progress. Things like drinking a minimum of half your bodyweight in ounces on a daily basis or strength training for 20-30 minutes two to three times a week will, over time, allow you to progress in the direction that you want to go. 

That means that you should be performing foundational exercises on a regular basis and performing them at a level where you can show proficiency. Too often we try to get to fancy by doing some off the wall exercises to get likes and comments on social media (I have been guilty of it too). When in reality the exercises that are going to benefit you the most are often overlooked or thought of as less desirable because they don’t have the flash or appeal on social media. 

In regards to nutrition, results are achieved by consistency, not the next fad diet. As coaches, more times than we would care to admit, have heard it all “Dude,  Keto is the best! I’ve lost 10lbs in 2 weeks,” or “Intermittent fasting is the way to go, I’ve been on it for a week and I have crazy energy.” Be consistent in your approach, whatever that may be.

What does that mean?

Well, how much time do you have to dedicate? How much are you willing to invest in yourself? What are you willing to sacrifice? All of those things will dictate the amount of effort that goes into building the best version of yourself. If you don’t think that you can manage whatever diet or training plan you are doing term, then it probably will give you temporary results and/or satisfaction. 

Here is a great article by Precision Nutrition that breaks down the cost of getting lean and gives you a behind the scenes look a what REALLY goes on in the fitness industry.

Believe in something bigger,


Kyle is currently a police officer and has served for the past 10 years at a police department in Upstate, NY. In that capacity, he serves as the department’s physical fitness instructor, where he conducts in-service training and teaches at the Police Academy. Kyle is also one of the two explosive detection K9 Handlers for the department. As the Online Director of Training and Performance for Train to Hunt, Kyle draws from his previous experience as a gym owner to consult with clients to prepare them physically and mentally for the most rigorous of big game hunts. Most importantly Kyle is a husband and a father of one (a 10-month-old boy). The family is very important to him and he makes it a priority to find work/life balance.