This full-body workout has everything that you need to stay in shape and can be done in any “box” style gym. The best place to implement this workout is on one of your strength days. Be sure to have plenty of rest between sets and focus on form.

1a) Squat Jumps – 3×3
1b) Goblet Squat w/ Eccentric – 3×4 (3 sec. eccentric)
1c) Sled Sprint or Hill Sprint – 3×60 ft.

2b) Powerbomb Swings or Kettlebell Swings – 3×8
2c) Lateral Step Ups – 3×6 e. side

3a) Battle Rope Slams or Med. Ball Slams – 4×20
3b) Pull Ups – 4×8
3c) Facepull w/ External. rotation & Iso Hold – 4×10